in Global Health

We are very pleased to offer this program to undergraduates from all majors and disciplines. Like Global Health itself, our minor is inherently interdisciplinary.

From the molecular biology of infectious disease and vaccine development to environmental science on the health implications of global climate change; from the sophisticated math of health metrics estimations to the ethnographic evidence of anthropological and geographical studies of suffering and care in different global contexts; and from public health work on the epidemiology of inequality to international, legal and political-economic research into the impact of war, trade law and global financial crises on health systems and health rights, the scope of global health work at our university is extraordinarily wide.

Our Global Health Minor aims to help students make the best of all these opportunities and gives undergraduates an opportunity to become familiar with the major problems and policy issues in global health. We provide a broad-based curriculum, an intellectually engaged support staff, and an ongoing commitment to identifying great classes, lectures, and opportunities for all students whatever their major field of study. Students participating in the minor will be able to understand and discuss the determinants of global health and global responses to health problems, including health systems. By becoming knowledgeable in these core areas of global health, students should also be able to engage actively in efforts to improve health as global citizens.