• Pioneering New Technologies in TB Testing

    Dr. Paul Drain will study rapid tests that accelerate

    TB treatment, offering patients better outcomes 

  • What I Learned as a UW Global Health Teacher

    Todd Faubion, Faculty Director

    for Undergraduate Programs, reflects

    on his past year in the classroom

  • Reducing the Risk of HIV Among Women

    Results of the HOPE study found that this vaginal ring

    was estimated to reduce HIV risk by 39%

  • Congratulations, Class of 2019!

    DGH celebrates its largest class in Department history

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    Illlustration by Marta Pucci
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    Injectable Contraceptive Does Not Raise HIV Risk

    The Depo-Provera hormone

    shot is as safe as other methods

  • Meet 2019's Outstanding Students

    Meet the five UW global

    health students who

    received awards and

    accolades for their work.

  • Students in a classroom
    Global Health students attend an HIV/AIDS class at the UW School of Public Health, Fall 2015.
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    Help Change the World for Students

    With a matching gift, we can extend much-needed support to broaden student diversity within the Department of Global Health.