New Project Aims to Optimize HIV Treatment in South Africa

Over half of the 37 million people worldwide living with HIV are receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART), yet only half of those people have suppressed replication of HIV with appropriate ART. A new project led by Dr. Paul Drain, an Associate Professor in the Departments of Global Health and Medicine at the University of Washington, aims to provide insight into the acceptability, feasibility, and impact of scaling-up the delivery of ART among adolescents and young adults living with HIV in community-based settings. Dr.

Infectious Disease Advisor: Achieving Optimal Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in HIV-Infected Infants

By Linda Peckel

Infants living with HIV whose viral loads are suppressed by antiretroviral therapy (ART) are more likely to partially recover developmental milestones but with persistent deficits, compared to uninfected infants, according to an African study published in BMC Pediatrics

Sarah Benki-Nugent, Assistant Professor of Global Health at UW, led the study through the UW Kenya Research and Training Center with collaborators at UW and University of Minnesota.