Seattle Times: Millions in Research at UW Could be at Risk in Trump Budget Proposal

The University of Washington has used federal dollars to fund the construction of 15 research buildings in Seattle. Now the Trump administration is talking about slashing that funding.

By Katherine Long

For more than a decade, the University of Washington has used federal research funding to help finance a $1.1 billion building boom in labs and research offices — 15 buildings in all.

But now the Trump administration is talking of sharply curtailing the overhead costs that can be included in research grants.

NewsBeat: Paris Climate Talks a Big Deal for Health, Says UW Professor

By Bobbi Nodell, Health Sciences NewsBeat

UW professor of global health Kristie Ebi has attended United Nations climate-change conferences since 2000. The agreement reached at the Paris conference in December, she said, was nothing short of monumental.

“It showed that world governments agree climate change is a serious problem and they are committed to addressing it,” Ebi said. She’s an expert on the health risks of climate change and how humans adapt to it. She addressed conference attendees on Dec. 5 and 11.