Smoking and other risk factors cause almost half of cancer deaths, study finds

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Smoking, drinking alcohol, being overweight and other known risk factors were responsible for nearly 4.45 million cancer deaths around the world in 2019, new research suggests. The new study is the first to estimate how a list of 34 risk factors contribute to cancer deaths and ill health globally, regionally and nationally, across age groups, for both sexes and over time.

Dr. Christopher Murray, Adjunct Professor of Global Health and Director of the UW Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, is quoted.

'Living with COVID': Where the pandemic could go next


As the third winter of the coronavirus pandemic looms in the northern hemisphere, scientists are warning weary governments and populations alike to brace for more waves of COVID-19.

Dr. Christopher Murray, Director of the UW Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and Adjunct Professor of Global Health, is quoted.

Analysis: Country by country, scientists eye beginning of an end to the COVID-19 pandemic


CHICAGO, Nov 3 (Reuters) - As the devastating Delta variant surge eases in many regions of the world, scientists are charting when, and where, COVID-19 will transition to an endemic disease in 2022 and beyond, according to Reuters interviews with over a dozen leading disease experts.

Image Credit: REUTERS/Tatyana Makeyeva

China Is Winning Some Health-Care Battles — And Losing Others

Ten years into China's multi-billion dollar investment in health-care reform, the country has made "spectacular" progress on some top public health challenges — including insurance coverage and deaths of children. But it's facing an uphill battle on others, including second-hand smoke and cancer, according to a special China-themed issue on September 28 of the journal The Lancet.