What year did you graduate:


Favorite part about grad school:

The community of students in Pathobiology, and being a part of the larger science and global health community in Seattle. I loved how interdisciplinary the training was in Pathobiology. I felt like I learned how to listen to and present to colleagues across a wide spectrum of specialties within infectious disease and global health research.

Favorite Pathobiology memory:

I can't think of an all-time favorite, but some fun highlights were playing Powerpoint Charades during one of the early Pathobiology retreats, dressing up as VDJ recombination with Rachael Parks and Bri Traxinger, the one time we really did get to go to Pack Forest, and many informal student meet-ups through running club, happy hour, and practice talks.

Favorite grad school elective:

The 'vaccines' course offered by the epidemiology department, at the time taught by Anna Wald.

Best resources at UW:

Probably fellow students! If you did not pursue science, what other careers would you do: So many! Veterinarian, dog trainer, audiologist, park ranger, teaching...

Favorite Hobby:

Can't pick just one! My dog, exploring St. Louis with friends, food, running, gaming.

Advice for current Pathobiology students:

Work closely with your friends and colleagues, ask for help, and know that everyone's process is very different. Progress can be unpredictable and isn't always based on how much hard work you put in. Know your project's background and your techniques really well, and look for multiple teachers so that you can identify holes and get different perspectives. Try to remember (and insist upon) the fact that you're actually a student and not full-time lab staff, so enjoy your favorite parts of the grad school process as much as possible.

Current job/where are you now:

Post-doc at Washington University in St. Louis.