DGH New Faculty Hires 2022
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The University of Washington Department of Global Health is excited to announce the newest additions to our full-time faculty. Their expertise and commitment to the DGH mission will be an asset to our department and our students.  

Welcome Sarah Masyuko, Yanfang Su, Adrienne Shapiro, Julianne Meisner, Keshet Ronen, Ferdinand Mukumbang and our joint faculty member with Health Services Population, Rabi Yunusa. 

Sarah Masyuko, PhD, MPH - Assistant Professor

Sarah Masyuko

Dr. Sarah Masyuko is an assistant professor with the Department of Global Health. She received her Masters in Global Health and her PhD in Global Health-Implementation Science from the University of Washington. She has been the lead of the HIV Testing Services and Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) program at the National AIDS and STI Control Program (NASCOP) with the Kenyan Ministry of Health. Dr. Masyuko has been involved in research that spans from designing, implementing, disseminating and bringing to scale evidence-based health interventions. Her research interests are in implementation science with the direct translation of research results into policy and practice in HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment and Non-communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries. 

Julianne Meisner, PhD, MS, BVM&S - Assistant Professor

Julianne Meisner is an epidemiologist and veterinarian, working on issues related to One Health and pandemic, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Global Health. Her work focuses on human health at the human-animal-environment interface, with emphasis on novel pathogen emergence, the human health effects of livestock keeping, and anticolonial approaches to global One Health research. She has strong teaching and research interests in epidemiologic methods and biostatistics, in particular spatial epidemiology and methods for drawing causal inference from observational research. Her research that she is launching focuses on human-animal contact networks, and the relationship between land rights and disease emergence.

Ferdinand Mukumbang, PhD, MS - Assistant Professor

Dr. Mukumbang is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Global Health. He is a Public Health scientist specializing in health policy and systems research with a specific focus on implementation sciences. His research career has evolved around understanding the dynamics and complexities of retention in care and adherence to antiretroviral medication among people living with HIV with a particular focus on adolescents living with HIV. As such, his current research focus is on developing and implementing antiretroviral treatment protocols for transitioning adolescents living with HIV from pediatric/adolescent HIV care to adult HIV care. Dr. Mukumbang is also interested in the development and implementation of strategies to decolonize global health.

Keshet Ronen, PhD, MPH - Assistant Professor

Keshet Ronen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Global Health and Associate Director of the MPH Program in Global Health. Her primary research interest is in the use of mobile communication technology such as text messaging and social media to support behavioral health equity in underserved and marginalized populations in Kenya and the US. She is also interested in the health of immigrants, refugees, and gender and sexual minorities. Keshet is passionate about social justice and committed to working with communities to develop strategies to improve their health. 

Adrienne Shapiro, MD, PhD - Assistant Professor

Adrienne Shapiro is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Global Health and Medicine (Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), at the University of Washington and is also an Associate in VIDD at the Fred Hutch. Her research focuses on the epidemiology, prevention, and treatment delivery for three of the leading causes of global infectious diseases mortality: tuberculosis, HIV, and COVID-19. Dr. Shapiro’s primary research streams include: 1) Prevention science and diagnostics for tuberculosis, with a focus on people living with HIV; 2) HIV prevention and care cascades, with a dual focus on southern Africa and vaccines, and 3) COVID-19 prevention and treatment for vulnerable populations, including people living with HIV. Dr. Shapiro partners with collaborators in South Africa, Cambodia, and the United States, and her work spans diverse approaches including clinical trials, implementation studies, and observational epidemiology. She prioritizes research questions and approaches that address the disparities in access to diagnosis, prevention and clinical outcomes for TB, HIV, and COVID-19. As a clinician, Dr. Shapiro specializes in Infectious Diseases, and provides primary care to people living with HIV and inpatient clinical care at Harborview Hospital.   

Yanfang Su, ScD, MA - Assistant Professor

Dr. Yanfang Su is a health economist with more than 10 years of work experience in health systems and policy and assistant professor in the Department of Global Health. Dr. Su holds an ScD in Global Health and Population within Health Systems track from Harvard University. During her postdoctoral training at the UW, Dr. Su applied econometric methods to health financing and published papers in The Lancet as co-first author & The Lancet Infectious Diseases as first author. Her publications focus on three areas: 1) economic evaluation of healthcare systems 2) public policy evaluation; and 3) global health and population measures. Dr. Su has been designing a new course on Comparative Health Systems and mentoring 20 trainees, including 18 from underrepresented groups. Dr. Su is the founder and Board Chair of a non-profit organization, the East West Alliance for Education and Health, which delivered equitable community services and conducted digital health randomized controlled trials in low-resource settings. Dr. Su worked at Tsinghua University and the Hong Kong Policy and Research Institute in China. Dr. Su has consulted for the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Results for Development on primary health care systems strengthening. Dr. Su is an IS-2 scholar and her career goal is to become a leading scientist in policy implementation, with a focus on cardiovascular disease prevention.

Rabi Yunusa, MPH, MBBS - Assistant Teaching Professor

Rabi Yunusa is an Assistant Teaching Professor with the Department of Health Systems and Population Health and joint in the Department of Global Health. She has an interest in community-based work that empowers and guarantees equal opportunities for justice and education of women and girls. She also has a research interest in HIV transmission prevention or better quality of life for people living with HIV. Her current work centers on novel therapies for better survival of people with advanced malignancies.