Only 10-20% of people with flu-like symptoms actually have the influenza virus. But a new study in Seattle will offer real time testing of the flu this year promising results in less than 30 minutes.

The study will take place at Harborview Medical Center and six other locations around Seattle. If you've had two flu-like symptoms: body aches, cough, or fever in the last week, you're eligible to participate in the study.

After signing a consent form, UW grad students will swab your nose and test for flu and other stuff.

"We test them for 27 germs, including flu - as well as a lot of other things including measles mumps and pertussis," said Dr. Helen Chu, lead clinician on the Seattle Flu Study.

Read the entire story at KOMO News. Helen Chu, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Global Health, is quoted.