• Adjunct Professor, Global Health
Donald Sodora

Center for Infectious Disease Research
307 Westlake Ave N, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98109
United States

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Don Sodora is a Professor at the Center for Infectious Disease Research. The Sodora Laboratory investigates the ability of HIV to be transmitted from mothers to their children, as well as to understand how an HIV infection leads to immune dysfunction and AIDS. Many of their studies utilize the SIV virus, highly analogous to HIV, which infects numerous monkey species. Regarding HIV transmission, our studies focus on developing an HIV vaccine that can be delivered to a mucosal site (in collaboration with Noah Sather’s laboratory). To assess immune dysfunction our laboratory focuses on immunologic changes in the liver that occur during HIV/SIV infection. Don received his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Pennsylvania. He performed postdoctoral research at Stanford University and the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York. Dr. Sodora has collaborators in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Oregon, Northern Ireland and Cape Town South Africa. He is dedicated to the training of undergraduate and graduate students, including serving on the Graduate Student Advisory Committee for the Pathobiology Graduate Program at the University of Washington.

  • PhD (University of Pennsylvania)
  • BS (Rutgers University)
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  • HIV Transmission
  • Immunizations
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HIV transmittal and AIDS, developing new therapies and vaccines


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