• Managing Director, Global Health E-Learning Program (eDGH)
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Hans Rosling Center 761A

3980 15th Ave.

Box 351620

Seattle, WA 98195

United States


Mr. McGee is the Managing Director of the Global Health E-Learning Program (eDGH) at the University of Washington and has a background in developing and supporting web and learning technologies, including a deep technical background in web development and systems administration. Most recently, his focus has been in deploying technologies in low-resource environments and specifically in supporting diverse global health programs in integrating technology into training and education solutions. He has over fifteen years of experience in developing and managing diverse projects in Web and other media, dealing extensively with nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, including global public health. His research interests are in expanding the use and adoption of open-source software and tools and creating technical applications for users with low computer literacy.

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