General Inquiries

Depending on your reasons for wanting to take a course, you can either register as a Non-Matriculated (NM) student, or apply for Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) status.

Graduate Non- Matriculated (GNM) is for those pursuing a Graduate degree eventually. Also, it is for those who “plan to apply the credits you earn toward a specific graduate degree in the future. GNM status does not refer to any degrees you currently hold, but to whether or not you plan to apply the credits to a master’s degree or Ph.D.”

Non Matriculated (NM) are for those that have no intention on placing those credits towards a degree.

In addition to the Department GNM/NM webpage, review the UW Enrollment FAQ for more information.


Every applicant whose native language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency in order to qualify for NM or GNM status. Please visit the Graduate School's Memo 8 for details on the five ways to demonstrate proficiency. 


The MPH Program holds information sessions on campus and on-line throughout the year. These sessions provide an opportunity to meet with program staff and students. Each session offers a brief overview of curriculum, the application process, with plenty of time to answer questions. For details, please see our Information Session listing. For information specific to the Health Metrics and Evaluation Track, please contact Sean Lassiter.

All Global Health MPH tracks can be completed in four quarters, however, most students do not do complete four quarters consecutively but take all required courses in their first three quarters. Students may then complete a final quarter after going on-leave for one or two quarters to pursue thesis work or a practicum. Students who choose to complete practicum or thesis projects abroad may have access to additional funding resources to support both tuition and travel expenses.

Applying to the program

No, there are no specific course prerequisites. However, because biostatistics and epidemiology are core courses for an MPH, applicants should be able to perform well in quantitative work. A review course in algebra or statistics is recommended for applicants who need to bolster their skills in this area.

No, for tracks that require substantial prior work experience, that experience can be a combination of time that, taken together, add up to about two or more years of health-related experience in a resource-poor setting.

No, as of Autumn 2011 the University of Washington is no longer accept applications through SOPHAS (Schools of Public Health Application Service). All applicants must apply directly to the University of Washington Graduate School.

No, you should apply to only one Global Health MPH track.  However, you can apply to the Global Health MPH program and a MPH program offered in another department in the School of Public Health such as Health Services or Epidemiology.

Once admitted to the UW, a student may petition for permission to transfer the equivalent of a maximum of six quarter credits of graduate level course work taken while a registered graduate student in another accredited graduate school. These credits may not have been used to satisfy requirements for another degree. The petition must include a written recommendation from the graduate program coordinator and an official transcript indicating completion of the coursework. Transfer credits are not entered on the UW transcript.  Please refer to the graduate school webpage on transfer credits for more information.

  • You could consider applying to another department or degree program in the School of Public Health. If you are a current UW graduate student you could apply to one of our Graduate Certificates.

  • If you have the appropriate academic background and interests, you could consider the Health Metrics and Evaluation Track.

  • You could gain some/more experience in a low or middle income country by joining the Peace Corps or another type of work or volunteer service, and then apply for an MPH.

We admit students from across all disciplines. What is more relevant is that applicants have demonstrated interest in global public health and social justice via their work/volunteer experience.


Deferrals are a possibility. 

Yes, the Global Health MPH program enrolls students in autumn quarter only because our coursework is sequential in nature.