What is the Cost of GHCE?

The cost of the program varies by site, but generally runs from $3000 - $5000 for airfare, lodging and expenses. Students are responsible for all costs of the program, although financial aid may be available. Host sites may charge a fee or tuition.


This program is student-funded. Students who are accepted into the program are responsible for any and all costs, including airfare, living expenses, host site tuition/program fees and any necessary pre-travel vaccines, medication, and supplies. Most students may be eligible for financial aid to help offset expenses, and the GHRC can assist students in identifying potential scholarship resources and opportunities.

Students are encouraged to pursue Independent Learning through the UW office of International Programs and Exchanges (IPE)

IPE's Independent Learning program allows students to maximize their financial aid when pursuing a minimum of 12 credits overseas. Strict requirements for Independent Learning include registering for a minimum of 12 credits for the overseas elective within a given quarter, and not being enrolled in any other domestic credits during that time, meaning you MAY NOT be registered for any other courses during your GHCE quarter. Students must block out an entire quarter and pay the concurrent enrollment fee of $350, in lieu of tuition. The ONLY exception to this is that you may be enrolled in both GHCE and Capstone during Spring quarter.